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@CodeNameCitadel as Black Widow


Recent Shots

@electricemy as Rocket
@nycc.bugle as Clint Barton, Hawkeye
@LivicoleCosplay as Cubone
@CodeNameCitadel as Black Widow
@champumagic as Thanos
@Elena_Strikes as Spider-Gwen
@nytonystark as Tony Stark, Iron Man
@rebzdeladisco as Peggy Carter
@SimplyArabella as Mina Ashido
Rod Leonhard, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Creative


@cosplaywade and @powertripcosplay as Deadpool

Ancient History

I apprenticed with some top NYC photographers in the late 1980s, shot for myself into the 90s and rode the desktop publishing wave into graphic design and creative production. So, 30 years later, I'm just circling back to photography. An early comic and sci-fi fan, I appreciate this cosplay community that I've watched develop over the past decade. Cosplay is the perfect subject matter for my "mixed light" style of shooting. It's nice to shoot for the simple pleasure of creating a beautiful image again.

Currently shooting on Long Island and the NYC area.

What's your next Cosplay?

I'm interested in finding great locations to match your cosplay.

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